Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good news on drug and alcohol addictions

I know, we look around at the modern world and see that there's the news all around us that we're in the grip of a virulent epidemic of addiction. To booze, to drugs, to sex, to self-harming behaviors of every kind. So it might be difficult to espy good news in this field but good news there is. We're getting much better at drug treatment, much better indeed.

The traditional method was pretty simple really: drug treatment meant getting the addict off their drug of choice and then hoping that they would stay off it. While there's a certain robust simplicity to such an approach it's not actually all that effective. For example, we now know that it may not be the addiction that's the root problem: sure, it's a problem, but there's something else under there which is leading to the addictive and damaging behaviour, not just the desire for a certain drug. So we've developed dual diagnosis treatment which looks for that underlying cause and treats it as well.

And we also realise now that different people will react better to different drug treatments. It might be best medically managed (heroin treatment can be greatly aided by methadone for example) or perhaps entirely therapeutically. We do know that taking the addict out of their day to day environment is extremely helpful and we also know that what works for one type of addiction can work well with others. So we now also know that integrated and holistic centers do better than others: for there is that continual cross fertilization of ideas and techniques which drives our knowledge and thus success rate forwards.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New York Yankees Parade

The New York Yankees Parade will be on Friday at 11 am.

As is traditional when one of the home teams wins the World Series, there will be a parage through central Manhattan in their honour. As it was the Yankees who won this time then it will be the New York Yankees parade.

It all starts at 11 am at Battery Place, then up Broadway and ending at City Hall. This route os sometimes referred to as the Canyon of Heroes for this is where all of the returning heroes have traditionally been welcomed by the City.

The New York Yankees parade will also likely be the last appearance of Hideki Matsui in a Yankees uniform as the World Series 2009 MVP becomes a free agent in the winter and so is unlikely to stay with the team. And of course, being the World Series MVP isn't a bad way to start a career as a free agent now, is it?